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Buying a new gaming PC is a big purchase, and for a lot of people it can be quite a daunting task to find the right one. We want to make things easier for everyone, so we designed our core PC models to satisfy a range of requirements. Our aim is to make it easier for you to find the right gaming PC for your budget. We strive for a perfect balance between performance, reliability, style and price. The components we use are pre-selected and tested by enthusiasts, so we're confident they're powerful and reliable.

Our systems are meticulously assembled by a team of experienced builders, and go through a serious of rigorous tests before being cleared to leave our warehouse. Because of the processes we have in place, we're confident in the reliability of every gaming PC we sell, and because we buy a lot of our stock in large quantities, we have access to the very best prices, savings which we pass on to our customers.

The console beater


ASCENDA is an entry level gaming PC with big performance.

Designed for those who are looking for their first gamer PC, to maybe transition from console, who want to play the latest games on high settings at 60FPS. The slightly higher initial cost is offset by not only gaining access to more games, but access to the best prices. There are tonnes of options for upgrades now and in the future, from increasing storage or memory, to upgrading key components like processors or graphics cards, options which are typically not available to consoles.

This means ASCENDA can grow with you as your performance requirements evolve over time. Because staying ahead of the curve is easy when you're gaming on the best platform.



If you're looking for something still affordable but with a bit more punch, AGILIAN could be the system for you.

Featuring some noticeable style upgrades over its little brother, AGILIAN's primary focus is on price for performance. Foregoing some of the lavish extras typically found on more expensive systems, but nailing key performance factors like raw speed and grunt.

Enjoy silky smooth graphics and play your favorite games at high and ultra settings at 60FPS and above.



As we start to creep up the performance ladder, more possibilities are unlocked. With OMNIA we're starting to encroach on online streaming and competitive gaming territory.

With a higher premium comes more premium quality and more options, so OMNIA is designed for people who are looking to take all of the above and expand on it.

With ever increasing performance and sleeker lines, this type of system starts to open things up to a more enthusiast level audience, adding more versatility with advanced features like overclocking, designed to help you squeeze even more out of your system.



GALLANTIS is similar in performance to OMNIA, but takes a wider stance on looks.

Employing a more heavy duty chassis with further emphasis on lighting, GALLANTIS is an excellent balance for those wanting huge frame rates to play the latest games at ultra settings, and jealousy inducing aesthetics.

Big on modern features, GALLANTIS is an excellent investment for those wanting a high performance system that turns heads, which they can expand upon and grow over the years.



We're moving into serious territory now.

MAGNA is a beast, a monster, aimed at serious gamers who are looking for a powerhouse to chew through the latest games at ultra settings at 1080p high definition and above.

This system excels at everything, whether you're streaming on Twitch, recording for YouTube or playing online competitively, it will devour everything you throw at it.

With support for massive resolutions, multiple monitors and VR, MAGNA is surely every gamers dream PC.



The primary focus of SPECTA is on its bold looks and massive performance.

Unique sideways mounted fans put on an incredible light show, challenging even the most spectacular fireworks display.

Complimented with glass on three sides, a large panoramic window and a vertical mounted graphics card, SPECTA is a real showpiece system for gamers who want to be the envy of their friends as they bathe in glorious graphics and high frame rates.



The best of the best, no quarter, no compromise. DOMINUS uses the absolute best parts in our inventory.

This behemoth system is not only dominating in stature, but commanding in presence and devastating in power. Using the most powerful processors and graphics cards on the market, this best-in-class gaming PC is designed so top tier enthusiasts devour anything and everything.

So if you're looking to make the leap to 4K gaming, this is where you need to cast your eyes.