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FREE 6-Month Subscription to Xbox Gamepass for PC

With the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Black OPS 6 launching straight to the Xbox Gamepass, along with hundreds of the latest games - OPSYS are giving away a whole SIX MONTHS FREE subscription to the full Xbox Game Library when you buy a PC from us this summer.

Enter code 'BF23' at the checkout and your licence key will be sent to you when your PC is dispatched.

We want your investment in an OPSYS system to last as long as possible - so to help keep you futureproofed and OP in the latest games for EVEN longer, we are giving anyone who buys an OPSYS PC and enters the code 'OPCREDIT' at the checkout, a whopping 5% CASHBACK to use on upgrading your system in future whenever you need more performance!

E.G. Buy a custom OPSYS x YOU system for £3,000 and you'll receive £150 in OPgrade Cashback, ready to use when you need anything from a change in case style to more storage or even the latest graphics card!

Remember, as an OPSYS PC owner, you are also entitled to FREE LIFETIME LABOUR as part of our Levelution Warranty, so whatever you want to change or add, you'll never be charged for the installation of any upgrade parts.

T&C's Apply:

> OPgrade Cashback can only be redeemed on upgrades booked between months 12 and 36 from the date the PC was originally delivered.

> OPgrade Cashback can be used against the value of components only, not any return transit costs.

> OPgrade Cashback can only be applied to one upgrade booking slot, with any unused credit lost.

Discount coupons are too easy.

Mystery Achievements To Unlock

Earn rewards by finding hidden OPSYS Cheat Codes. They could be anywhere AND everywhere so you'll need to switch on your aimbots and think out of the box if you want to earn this loot!

Maybe they unlock a discount towards your next gaming PC or system upgrade, maybe it's just cool merch or maybe, JUST MAYBE, one will unlock that FREE OPSYS PC we are asked for every. single. day.

Happy hunting!